Human Fighter with a dark past



Born to farmers in a small town, Houlihan grew up as a strong lad, working the potato fields. Soon after he turned 14, a group of cultists ransacked his farm and took him and his parents back to their cave. He was locked in a cell for two days as he watched his parents get sacrificed in the nights. On the third night when they pulled him out of the cage, storming and feral with rage, he ripped a sacrificial dagger from one of them and mercilessly slaughtered the combat inept cultists.
Houlihan returned to his town to announce what had happened. the leaders of the town followed him to the cave and found it spotless. All the bodies were gone of both the cultists and his parents. There were no signs of this cave ever having been inhabited.
One of the leaders, a priest, announced that their god has condemned that boy for his crimes of murdering his parents. Houlihan was exiled from the town and left with a traveler for a nearby city
Houlihan worked odd jobs to stay alive, regardless of legality. He soon made a name for himself from his opportunistic weapons and, in some cases, fists to complete jobs.
Four years later, Houlihan was told there was an adventurer who might pay well for someone of his talents set up at a pub outside the city.

Religion, Cultists, Priests, Paladins

potatoes, money



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