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Why Won't Anyone Let Me Sleep

Late Night Review

Well, apparently the best time to attack a party is while they are sleeping. At least, that is what the bandits who attacked us thought. We easily dispatched them due to the fact that not many of us have to actually sleep (except for Vanost, he was asleep the whole time. But, while I am up I would like to simply recap. First fact, Quaraah was possessed by Demogorgon the whole time. Second fact, Quaraah gathered all of the adventurer’s for some reason. That reason was Demogorgon. No idea why he wants us yet. Third fact, Demogorgon has some history with Houlihan. Fourth fact, Quaraah is no longer himself. He has changed and he has not explained why.
We still have some things to work out….I just hope we can….


jmprather97 jmprather97

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