to be named later

First Adventure


So I went to the tavern outside of the town Caister. While I was there, I was talking to the barkeep and telling him about all the adventurers I had ever heard of and then these other people came in. I started to talk to them and the first one I talked to was named Alexaria Twi’Nuth. He came over and sat at the bar while I was talking to the bar tender and we started talking. Then I went over to talk to a man who was sitting all alone at a table named Rufus Swale. He has a weird skin condition, but he was nice. Then I talked to a guy who had come in much earlier named Vanost Andalancalt. He had been sleeping but he woke up and decided to join us. Then they all went and crowed the shadowy figure who had been in the tavern for the last few days. He didn’t like that very much. He slammed his ax into the table.
Then this woman came in and said people were burning stuff and they all ran out and started fighting these people. There were rats and bandits and a small devil and a masked man and a DRAGON! White_dragon_Wyrmling.jpg It was so cool. But they started fighting and the rats died really quick but the bandits lasted a little longer. The scary thing was when the dragon almost ate Houlihan. Then when most of the bandits were dead the imp that had disappeared popped up and almost killed Rufus Swale. The entire time though that stupid masked man was just sitting on top of his stupid cliff. But when we killed the imp, he burst into a ball of flames and the masked man ran away and the dragon stopped attacking us. We decided to keep him. I really want to name him Tiny because he is so tiny for a dragon. But when the masked man ran away he dropped stuff over the cliff and there were magic weapons and stuff! However, Quaraah Agaran-Foreaf tried to hide the stuff from us, but he was stupid and dropped all of it. They each took one of the items and then we all went back to the tavern to sleep, but Vanost Andalancalt said that Quaraah Agaran-Foreaf looked funny and asked him what he was, and Quaraah Agaran-Foreaf dodged the question. Then we all went to bed and decided to make the rest of our decisions in the morning. These people are so cool! I hope they let me tag along.


jmprather97 jmprather97

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