Vortor Xinni

Bard who keeps track of the story


Vortor carries a mandolin to heal his companions and wears leather armor. He is incredibly nimble so he rarely ever is hit by an attack, and his size leaves him seldom aimed for.


Early Years

Vortor grew up in a small village with his mother and father. This village had many races of creatures in it and he always stood out, but never for the right reasons. Vortor was short, even for a gnome, and was constantly made fun of. His favorite time of year was when the bards would come around and tell stories of the great adventurers. He wanted more than anything to be an adventurer.

The Beginning of an Adventure

Vortor went on to try to become an adventurer. He tried sword-play but could not hold the sword up. He tried archery but couldn’t aim. He tried to become a cleric, and although he could heal well, he didn’t understand he needed to stay out of the fight. Vortor tried everything he could think of, but only recently decided to try his latest and only other option. Become a Bard Vortor now looks for his chance to follow the greatest troupe of adventurers ever to roam the lands.

Vortor Xinni

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