Item: Staff of Gathering Lvl 20

Staff of Gathering from Adventurer's Vault


The sphere of smoked glass topping this staff transforms into a
ball of raw energy when the wielder is struck by spells

Lvl 10 +2 f
Lvl 15 +3 m
Lvl 20 +4 f
Lvl 25 +5 m
Lvl 30 +6 f

Implement (Staff)
Enhancement: Attack rolls and damage rolls
Critical: +1d6 damage per plus
Power (Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Use this power when
you take damage from an attack with the fire, force,
lightning, necrotic, or radiant keyword. You take half
damage from the attack. You gain a +2 power bonus to
attack rolls and +10 power bonus to damage rolls with
your next attack that has the arcane and implement


Currently belongs to Vanost Andalancalt
Adventurer’s Vault p105

Item: Staff of Gathering Lvl 20

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