Vanost Andalancalt



Vanost is a half-elf sorcerer, having fought in many battles over his life. He stands close to five-feet eight inches. He is of average build but makes up for with his magic skills and abilities.


Born to the ridgeland tribe of half-elves, Vanost was the primary sorcerer for the tribe and dealt with all things dealing with magic. Vanost is no stranger to adventure and duels, having to help defend his tribe from other clans and races over the long years. Vanost, had to learn to use his abilities very quickly or his tribe would be conquered and their way of life extinguished.
He single-handedly took out the warlords of the great Azrendil clan after they murdered the tribe’s chief and elders. He was then offered a place as head warrior for his people, but declined due to his adventuring and questing. He is now a nomadic sorcerer, wandering the forests until called upon.

Vanost Andalancalt

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