Alexaria Twi'Nuth

Druid/Healer Elf


Druid/Healer Elf – Neutral Good – Ehlonna
Specializes in Dexterity (16), Intelligence (13), Wisdom (11), and Charisma (18)
Speaks Common, Draconic, Elven, and Druidic
Fortitude – 1
Reflex – 6
Will – 2
Initiative – 6
Melee – -1
Ranged – 6
8 – Diplomacy
6 – Intimidate
6 – Sleight of Hand
6 – Bluff
5 – Search
3 – Heal
3 – Listen
2 – Spot
1 – Climb
1 – Speak Language


Born within the small elven village of Nthi’Ama, Alexaria was raised as a normal elf. Like most elves, Alexaria had learned the ways to communicate with nature. However, Alexaria was exceptional at his ability to learn from and understand nature. He learned so much that he eventually became a master of the arts and is now able to manipulate some parts of nature to his content. At 256 years old, Alexaria had been known to be rather proficient at healing and crafting potions with herbs. Proficient enough to become the leader of his village. At about 384 years old, Alexaria realized that he had not learned nearly as much as he could have. He gathered all the books he could find into a Great Library. To this day, he knows every word in the correct order to all of the thousands of books he owns. At 512 years old, Alexaria had realized that he could not quite learn enough without exploring the New World. He appointed a new leader of Nthi’Ama set off for his adventure at 576 years old. He is now currently 608 years old.

Alexaria Twi'Nuth

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